maanantai 30. kesäkuuta 2014

Taking the dust off

As one of my friends mentioned to me; "Your blog looks like you died in France!"

Well can't argue with that, it truly looks like that... But I hope that that's gonna change! My bff Kaede challenged me to do a  FMS photo challenge!

I will be updating this challenge mostly to my flickr but I will try to update it to my blog too. I also made a promise to Kaede that I will try to update my blog from now on at least twice a week starting now! 
If I fail I promised Kaede that I'd take her for a ice cream. (wich I'll be paying FYI)

And for those who don't know, I graduated 31.5.2014!

 And dip dyed my hair pink/purple with Kaede! It works surprisingly well with lolita too!

Let me take a #selfie...
And last but not least a little commercial break:

© Kaede/Faery kiss
 My bff has started her own bussiness! Give her a big round of applause everyone! She's selling the most adorable and well made BJD clothes in the whole world, also BJD travel bags and tiny hats!

Ps. If there are any readers who are still waiting for Ldoll/France post please tell me! I will make it even if there's only one perso who wants it! (let me know in the comments!) Otherwise you just have to wait for October because me, Kaede and her fiancé are going to Ldoll 5! \o/

Pps. The posts will be only in english from now on, it saves me so much time!

© Ldoll

♥ Uni